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Chaos The Movie

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chaos The Movie
A bank heist in Seattle, Washington is interrupted by police, and the gang holds dozens of hostages. Gang leader Lorenz (Wesley Snipes) demands to negotiate with Detective Conners (Jason Statham) who is on suspension after a botched hostage situation in which the female hostage was killed and Conners' partner dismissed. Conners is dragged out by his superiors to handle the mess, but is partnered with rookie Detective Dekker (Ryan Phillippe). The bank is surrounded, but the SWAT charge is aborted by explosives from inside, and the cops soon realize that the gang escaped in the chaos, pretending to be the hostages. As Conners and Dekker track the gang, they find some cash, but it isn't from the heist. The bank robbery, they realize, was a smokescreen for an even bigger heist. And Dekker starts following a trail that leads to people he could never have suspected ....

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