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French Foreign Legion Documentaries

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

French Foreign Legion Documentaries
La Legion Etrangere

The Foreign Legion 1
The first part follows Scotsman and former Royal Marine Dean Heggie as he joins the French Foreign Legion and goes through selection and onto basic training at Castel and the infamous "Farm". A good look at what goes on in training.

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The Foreign Legion 2
The second of two videos takes a look at the 3Regiment etrangere de infantrie (3REI) in Guyane. It gives a good look at the regimental life, stories from some of the "Mafia Anglais" and a look at jungle training and the obstacle course

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The Warriors of the French Foreign Legion
In Warriors of the French Foreign Legion the Discovery Channel takes cameras into the modern Legion and while weapons and enemies have changed, the outcome hasn't as one in 10 legionnaires will die during their five-year tenure. For the Legion is still France's first resort in nasty situations and, as the soldiers themselves say, they are sent because if they die "its only foreigners".
More than 100 nationalities still form its ranks although once they are accepted their only family is the Legion.Discipline and training is brutal and from the interviews it seems that old hands will do almost anything under orders.
Warriors of the French Foreign Legion is an excellent look at the modern fighting force, although it doesn't go into enough early history - such as the Crimea or North Africa - for my liking. That is, after all, where the legend was born.

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Elite Fighting Forces The Foreign Legion
The Legion is a highly motivated and highly mobile operational force that has evolved into an important part of French foreign policy. They are a tough group of shock troops with a unique sense of joie de vivre that almost seems to prepare them for death in combat.

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