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Prison Break

Friday, November 10, 2006

Prison Break 201
Eight hours after the escape, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi head for Oswego as FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone is assigned to lead the pursuit of the escapees, while T-Bag finds help for his hand.
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Prison Break 202
Agent Mahone tries to lure the escapees by targeting an imprisoned L.J. as Michael and Lincoln plan another breakout. Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre flee on their own, while Tweener finds a ride. Bellick and Pope face tribunal for their roles in the breakout.
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Prison Break 203

Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz while C-Note seek his family out despite being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters.
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Prison Break 204

Bellick and Geary catch Michael, Lincoln and Nika. Abruzzi is determined to exact his revenge on Fibonacci. Kellerman approaches Sara. One of the eight fugitives goes down.
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Prison Break 205

Mahone takes an interest in the hidden millions of D.B. Cooper, with Michael and Lincoln racing to Utah in order to be the first to locate Westmorelands Double K ranch. Sucre is determined to stop Maricruzs wedding in Las Vegas.
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Prison Break 206

Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener have found Westmorelands money, while Agent Mahone closes in. Haywire surfaces in Wisconsin. Governor Tancredi sees Kellerman at the White House. One of the fugitives is caught.
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Prison Break 207

Lincoln leaves Michael in order to go search for LJ in Arizona. Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag succeed in locating Westmorelands money. Sara and her father are targeted by The Company. Mahone interrogates the captive fugitive.
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Prison Break 208

The fugitives split up again. Mahone is investigated by Internal Affairs about the deaths of Abruzzi and Tweener. Lincoln travels to Arizona to find LJ. Sara is hunted by The Company. Bellick and Geary return to the hunt.
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Prison Break 209

The fugitives try again to make contact with their loved ones while the brothers head for their rendezvous. Michael makes a discovery about Mahone. Sara figures out the meaning of the origami cranes but so do Kellerman and Mahone.
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Prison Break 210

Michael and Sara rendezvous in New Mexico as Mahone tracks them. Lincoln and LJ meet someone, while Sucre tries to reach Maricruz by phone in Nebraska. Bellick and Geary hunt for T-Bag.
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Prison Break 211

Michael has to outsmart a coyote to secure a getaway plane while Lincoln leaves L. J. again. T-Bag exacts his revenge on his captors. Kellerman tries to break Sara and Mahone decodes another crucial puzzle.
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Prison Break 212

Mahone searches for Michaels getaway plane while Michael has an unhappy family reunion. C-Notes public appearance results badly. Bellick is interrogated while Kellerman tries to cover up a failure.
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